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Concept to Construction – A Better Way to Get the Job Done

In today’s business landscape it is becoming more and more challenging for independent contractors to create and sustain growth. Implementing a strategic program for networking, business development, and direct mail have given way to learning how to use social media and Website analytics.

All of this and much more, gave us the idea and energy to create an online ConstructionZone portal for local proven industry professionals to coordinate, share information, expertise, and contacts to effectively and strategically create and sustain a new business pipeline for all involved.

If you are a contractor of subcontractor or are a part of the construction industry, becoming a Professional Construction Industry Member will allow you to have unlimited access to:

  • Qualified and seasoned architects, engineers
  • General contractors, electrical and plumbing companies
  • Concrete experts, framing and finishing carpenters, and much more
  • You will also see new jobs or contracts up for bid
  • And you can upload opportunities and find the best partners you may need
  • All of this with the click of your mouse. It will be that simple!
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If you are looking to find contractors or assistance in completing or starting a new construction project, Client Membership will give you immediate access to the best qualified professionals in the industry. Our staff with over 30 years experience has already reviewed and approved every professional service on our Website and we also have 3 letters of reference for you to review. If you need help, ConstructionZone will provide you with everything you need. You will get:

  • 24/7 access to  a highly qualified database of the best contractors in the business
  • Access to all contractors via an online portal – saves you time and money
  • Ability to review each contractor’s letters of reference
  • Contact information for all qualified and approved contractors
  • Ability to post your project requirements and have contractors contact you

Consultation and support from proven experts